Founder Member of MIM Re-joins to Use Microsite as Main Website

By Assemtron Ltd
schedule12th May 22

Innovation led business Assemtron, founder members of Made in the Midlands, have recently rejoined the group and moved their main website to the MIM microsite platform - number one of google for Midlands manufacturing. 

Assemtron combines engineering and design services with in-house manufacture and assembly of electronics and electro-mechanical products. Working closely with clients, the expert team of engineers deliver new products and rejuvenate existing products - a service which many manufacturers are looking to undertake as net-zero strategies become highly prioritised. 

As a transformation driven business, the company works closely with universities, such as the likes of Warwick, Aston and Manchester, to deliver solutions to a multitude of sectors. This includes medical, automotive, aerospace industrial and consumer related projects. 

One of the reasons Assemtron rejoined Made in Group was to maximise their presence in the manufacturing industry and get the word out about their remote monitoring offers. Working with clients, the company started with development of smart devices that send data to remote locations delivering process controls, alerts and alarms. 

After years of being part of other networking associations, the firm has realised the invaluable connections businesses leaders are able to make at Made in the Midlands. Nigel Maris, Managing Director of Assemtron said:

“Made in the Midlands is for business people, it is a great network to part of to source suppliers, network with contacts and discover potential new customers. At Assemtron, we are able to add smart devices to existing products, a cost effective solution for easy response of communication for members.” 

The company decided to remove their own website and make their Made microsite their main contact and information page for their services. A microsite is a website attached to the Made in the Midlands domain, offered to all paying members of the Made in Group. Our domain is number 1 one Google for Midlands manufacturing and therefore is an effective platform for businesses in the industry. Nigel added:

“Our original website was two years old, and we noticed that people were only visiting our site if they didn't know who we were. Our aim is to make genuine connections with users of our website.”

Assemtron hopes that by their website being hosted on the Made in the Midlands domain, it will generate genuine interest and drive traffic to their services. In regards to being part of the group, the company looks forward to making connections, developing a deeper understanding of the manufacturing industry in the Midlands, and sharing their own best practices. Nigel concluded: 

“We see this as a two way process. We like to work with local, Midlander’s, to source the skills and services needed to augment and deliver our projects.

We outsource services from laser cutting to specialist software,  working with local firms to deliver smart solutions. We will use the MIM site to locate the hidden gems out there to help deliver.”


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