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Product Innovation - Contract Manufacture - Logistical Support

The company draws on its experience in product design, development and contract manufacture to help bring clients' products to market. In the current climate with supply chain and materials-costs challenges Assemtron has to be agile and resourceful.

Product approvals and certification

Steering through the approvals and product certification requirements, Assemtron can draw on its experience and expertise to help you enter your target markets. We can help in the design stages to guide you through the market certification.


Assemtron offers a number of internal production processes using CAD, robotics, lasers and electronics assembly processes. Our network of engineering partners and universities completes the picture. Products meet medical and industry standards


We are all facing the challenges of component sourcing and cost management. Assemtron has developed techniques to mitigate some of the costs and has a network of regular suppliers. We can assist in the support of scheduled production and planning.

3D Printing, over-moulding and all that jazz..

Assemtron continues to invest in an eclectic mix of processes and machinery to help streamline the assembly and testing processes. Using in-house and a close network of partners we can offer comprehensive manufacturing.

Plastic mouldings and metal machining

Assemtron primarily manufactures products and assemblies although we do supply assembled electronic PCBs and wiring. Box building and wiring is an in-house service that sits alongside electronics manufacture, programming and testing.

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